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This is perfect! My gf and I love it so much. Thank you for making it! Do you if it'd be possible to get a clean rip of the intro theme? I tried ripping it myself but the pitch is always off. Thanks!

Oh I forgot to mention! Here's my no-photoshop-experience attempt at box art:

Here's my attempt at a theme rip:

kirk is op pls nerf

omg this is HARD! i love it.

This is amazing. I was never a huge fan of Gilmore girls but my sister and mother loved the show. I'll have to show this to them they'll get a kick out of it.

ps. It was surprisingly easy to port this to a .cia file for a Virtual Console spoof. Now I can play it on my 3ds!

This is a piece of art, haha! Thanks for making this, I had a lot of fun!

This was great. Doose handed my ass to me at first, but letting Emily take on the role of MVP settled things once and for all!

Finding this made me the happiest I've been in a long while. Thanks!

Omg a Gilmore Girls and videogame crossover?? Never thought these two fandoms would ever collide. Love this so much!

loved this, thank you so much!!

wow just wow



I’m exited to try this out!

(Can someone tell me if this is virus free I don’t want to take any risks)

Haha I can confirm I would have absolutely no idea how to put a virus in a .ups file. But I understand if you don't want to take my word for it

thanks, I just get anxious about things like this (:

haha no prob!

The internet never stops amazing me. Also, how did I discover this only one day after it was published? I may need to reconsider some of my life choices.

I love this so much.

luke/loralai support underflows their stats because luke has no affinity. luke has over 100 attack, accuracy, defense, and crit. highly recommend!

Omg i realized like half an hour after uploading i forgot to disable support convos :p

Thanks for playing!


I just played this for a friend who LOVES Gilmore Girls. This was an absolute blast, thank you!

Ty so much for playing!

I am literally in the middle of finishing the show for the first time with my girlfriend. Thank you for this gift.

Ahh wonderful! Hahah good luck with the last few seasons lol


incredible concept, there should be more fanfiction-esque rom hacks.


rom-com hacks even? lol






I agree! I hope i find more of them :^)