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Super adorable game.

This is such a cute and wholesome game!! Loved the art style.

so cute. 😭



It's an adorable and wholesome game, too bad it was short; It was very fun and I would recommend you play it if you haven't!

This was such an adorable game!! I had a blast playing it! 


This was the last game I played but oh boy did I nat have a blast making the voices!!

this was veru short, but it was so wholsome,cozy and cute, i ADORE the colors and the vibess!

This is a very wholesome and cute game. I love it!

Such a wonderful game! So cozy and charming <3 

This was such a cute and cozy little game. I love the style!

Just played through! This game is adorable and gives some really nice "lived-in" vibes!

waiting for the download! 

the art style looks super cute ^^ 

Such a cute and wholesome game. The ending makes me fuzzy ^^

This was so cute and made me feel so tender, specially being in lockdown and trapped in the house for months. I might build a fort myself : )

it was such a nice game! the ending was quite sweet


cute game!! i love the art style so much :)

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This game is pretty cute and short.It's refreshing because games like this nowadays are filled with horror, so I was actually expecting a jump scare or a depressing ending.

I enjoyed playing it and I hope that you'll make more of these types of games in the future. I'm more than willing to pay for it.


Played today. I love the art and love the music.

I found this game through this video and despite not being able to download it I just want to say that the game looks great! Keep it up! It’s a cute and adorable short story game and it should be given more attention to! 
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A really sweet game! I loved the ending

From the art design of every character, to the little attention to detail littered throughout the small world, I absolutely loved this game through and through. It's adorable, fun and when the puzzle solving elements begin snowballing it was a treat to see the story unravel.

Thank you so much for playing! Loved watching your video!

I found this to be really wholesome , there is no real dillema which makes it really laid back, it's nice to see something in that vein. Also i've started interviewing developers on my channel via discord if you are interested in an interview  🙂

A great game for frog lovers. Even if you don't like frogs, its still amazing. 

Very cute and simple game. I love the aesthetic and characters, too cute!