Marian is a little Nightmare with a big dream! In order to become the Nightmare Lord, they must first feast their way through a series of delicious Dreams, that when eaten, give Marian power (as well as some new abilities.) Will they be able to gorge on enough good guys to become the ultimate baddy? Grab a fork and knife and find out!

Jose Pacio
Zach Lindblad

Game Design:
Anthony Giovannetti

Marlowe Dobbe

Music and Audio:
Clark Aboud

Jake Card

Text Tick SFX

Made for the PIGSquad August 2022 Summer Slow Jam

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorMarlowe Dobbe


Download 136 MB


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The system and mechanics are super interesting; fun to learn, well-paced. I understood it a bit more each round I played, and I felt super motivated rather than discouraged each time. A delicate balance to strike with a strategic game like this!

Super fun; it feels like there's a lot of room for creativity when building your grid. Really smart to have the trash can forfeit your chance at a new move, too.

The art is gorgeous and full of personality, and I love all the little shader-touches like the wigglewobble and the liquid backdrop // transitions. I feel so proud of Marian, they're gonna do so great in their new role. Last lord was v rude.

The music is really great, it strikes that sweet spot of setting a mood but not being too intense, fast-paced, or obnoxious. I was doing turns in between tasks for work, and I just kept the music looping the whole time because it's legit pleasant and not tiresome at all.

GREAT JOB everyone! I would love to see this get picked up/funded and developed as a full game, it is and also would be a really fantastic game!

ALEX tysm!! :'^)


I loved it! I liked stategizing my moves and the gameplay was fun. :) I managed to beat it on my third try. Here is a screenshot of my winning game board: 


Awesome game, if there was a setting to slow down how fast your turn happens so one could follow and enjoy the chain reactions better that'd be dope


I loved the novel take on turn based combat, the atmosphere was engaging and fun, and the overall gameplay loop contained just enough familiarity to be instantly understandable but is complex enough to remain engaging for some time. Great job!


Great fun! Cute art as well - I definitely felt the vibes I got from Slay the Spire and Floppy Knights on some of the crazy combos.


FYI, it's crashing on firefox.

yeah sorry !I think we're looking into that! Feel free and try the ,exe!


I've been troubleshooting the firefox issues and I think I've gotten them all straightened out. Let me know if you have any more problems on firefox! And thanks for the heads up!


Always like to see people spice up the deck-building system into something new, and of course, like when it is so cute to look at.

Recently tried to use the single block that gives +3 attack to adjacent blocks, but it did not for me (I placed it under the starting attack, but that attack still only did 5 damage). Unsure if I was misunderstanding its usage.


Loved it!! I won with a Grinning Maw build.


I loved it! Very cool way to strategize powers + interaction of neighboring pieces. Well done!


Niiice! That's a fun (and self explanatory) battle system, I had some kind of overpowered multi-click engine halfway through, but still barely made it through the Nightmare Lord and his debuffing powers.

My tetris brain wanted to rotate the pieces, but even without that ability, it still allowed enough possibilities, especially with the flexibility of rearranging them after each fight. I like how it follows some of the logic of rogue-like deck builders, without actually having cards per se.

And of course, a bunch of fun creature designs considering how the enemies represent 'dreams' haha

Good job!

This was super fun! First time I won through Grinning Maw combo; second time just by layering 4 different +3 effects on top of the starting Tentacles and glass cannon-ing my way through.

One issue - it seems like Agoraphobia is completely worthless, since no block actually exists which could fit inside the 1x1 hole?

There's the Entropic Fields piece that fits in the 1x1 field. Play a few times and you should see it come up. It's a pretty useful but chaotic combination with Agoraphobia.


Ah, I see! Just got the combo and it's pretty fun.

Though - Entropic Fields seems to always pick a piece to click deterministically (ie always picks the same piece for any given layout, I think the top left one?), I wish it chose at random among all clickable pieces