A downloadable Desktop Pet

Have you heard about Tini?

Tini Linguini!

Tini Linguini is a dress-up desktop pet with a lot of sauce! Not only can you choose from a wide array of outfits for her to wear, but every hour she'll talk to you and keep you company as well! With just under 200 phrases, you'll never get bored of hanging out with your new bestie!!!

Made as part of the Portland Indie Game Squad Character Creator Jam.

Big thanks to Will Lewis for workshopping dialogue with me! <3

I made Tini Linguini because I've gotten really into desktop pets as a way to keep my WFH life a bit more interesting. I hope she'll spice up your desktop as much as she has mine.

Tini tips:

If you'd like Tini to open automatically when you start your computer in the morning, place a shortcut to the application in your 

username > AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu > Programs > Startup

ALSO! If you'd like Tini to remain on top of all your other windows while working, check out free applications like DeskPins to pin her to the top!

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AuthorMarlowe Dobbe
TagsCute, desktop-pet, doll, dress-up, Idle, Virtual Pet


TiniLinguini_DesktopPet_1.2.zip 42 MB

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This actually helped me study more lol. Everytime I get bored I can play dressup instead of endleslly scrolling on the internet, it's nice having a companion on the screen, I loved this :) 


this is SO SWEET to hear! I'm glad she helps you out! I always have her up while I'm working :)


Is there a way to somehow make her talk more frequently?

apologies for missing this! Not at the moment, if I ever return to adding some features by I can set her to have optional timers at different intervals :)

Ok, thanks! 🙂


I love this already, brings back wonderful childhoos memories of my Betty Spaghetty dolls. 


I love this! It combines two of my favourite things, desktop pets and dressup, super cute <3 <3 <3

i like thisss thanks


you should put this on mac! pretty plz...

(1 edit)

For some reason it wont open. Can someone help me fix that?

oh no! Any clues to help me perhaps figure that out? Are you running it on Windows?

sorry for the late reply but yes I am running it on windows.

hmm! My guess of the top of my head is that if you have an antivirus or similar sort of protection running it may think the game is and "unsafe" application and refuse to open it. If there's a way to whitelist it on whatever antivirus (or windows defender) you have that may do the trick.

I *think* something similar to that has happened to me with games in the past where the games.just wouldn't open :(

oh thats why mine didint work


OMG thank you for remembering me my lost Betty Spaghetti doll !! Plus, I like desktop pet so I'll try :D


this is so cute omg i love this sm !!! >v<


I love this so much!!


this is so cute & teeny!